Comptines et berceuses du baobab

Didier Jeunesse

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Author:  N/A

Published by: Didier Jeunesse

ISBN-10: 2278052772

ISBN-13: 978-2278052776

Section: French children's book 0 To 4 Years old

Comptines et berceuses du baobab Didier include a beautiful book and a CD - l'Afrique noire en 30 comptines! A selection from the Cote-d'Ivoire to Rwanda sung in lingala, wolof, bambara, peul, sango … with its translation into French. Traditional instruments and the singers' voices create  a music of great quality.

titles: Uélé molibá mákásí - Ka baga ne ma - Ndi le e - So diyara - Yum-maa yehii jaabe - Eya bé - Baranín - Mademba - Aayóo nenne ! - Denko - Nwou wo' lâ nzi ntâ nseu ? - Kabuye kanjye - Nkwihoreze - In ga - Faatima hawwaa - Makun - Injangwe yanjye - Buutulumaani - Siradi la - Tank loxo nopp - N daga an kara - Tutu gbovi - Itä Zâke - Awe bebëe - Aayaa yimbéy - Bo bo bo bo - Dunga - Usumani ka dundunnin - Gato gato - wa wa wa wa




(No reviews yet) Write a Review