Leo et Theo 2 - Livre eleve A1 Methode de Francais


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Product Overview

Author: Apicella, Maria Angela and Guiilemant, Dominique

Published by: ELI (European Language Institute) 2018

ISBN-10:  8853623497

ISBN-13:  9788853623492

Section: French Language learning textbook

Leo et Theo 2 - Livre eleve A1 Methode de Francais  - 11 x 8.5 x 0.2 inches - 72 pages


The Student's Book 2 contains an introductory unit and 6 core units which follow a regular pattern:

- 2 pages of comics with two reading comprehension activities and a song

- 4 pages which present two topics, covering the specific communicative functions and structures and offering grammar boxes and various activities to develop speaking and listening skills

- a language game or role-playing game related to the unit's topics

- a page devoted to listening comprehension tasks and phonetics

- a page devoted to writing tasks

- a double page of CLIL

- a double page of Culture

- a page of simple and creative activity projects

Every 2 units you will find a double page with a task to evaluate the child's skills.

The book concludes with a 'Festivities' section to introduce French culture and civilization, a 'Goose Game' for the revision of all the vocabulary and the linguistic structures learned and a traditional story presented as a play for the class to perform.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review