French-English picture Dictionnary


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Author:  N/a

Published by: Barron's

ISBN-10: 0764146602

ISBN-13: 9780764146602

Section: French Language learning textbooks

French-English picture Dictionnary: 48 pages

Description: It's never too soon to start teaching boys and girls a second language, and this book presents pages filled with cheerful color pictures that help teach French words to English-speaking children in early grades. It presents more than 350 illustrations of familiar objects, with nine pictures on each page. Every picture is labeled with its English word, followed by its French equivalent. The translated word is followed in turn by a phonetic spelling in smaller type. Words are grouped according to themes, such as Sports, The Classroom, Fruit, Vegetables, Party Time, Weather, and many others. For example, the nine illustrations on the Sports page show pictures with bilingual labels for football, table tennis, skiing, fishing, gymnastics, athletics, cycling, swimming, and basketball. Here's a fun way for younger English-speaking children to build a basic vocabulary in French.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review