Carl no quiere ir a Mexico

Command Performance

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Author: Karen Rowan

Published by: Command Performance Language Institute

ISBN-10:  0982468725

ISBN-13:  978-0982468722

Section: Spanish easy readers

Carl no quiere ir a Mexico. Novela 3 de espanol basico: contains more than 5,000 words but has only a 350-word vocabulary. This is the third book in the Isabella series

"Nine-year-old Carl is not happy. His mother is moving him to Mexico. He doesn't speak Spanish. He misses all of his favorite foods. He doesn't have any friends. The idea is ridiculous. He's desperately unhappy. Carl doesn't want to go to Mexico! When he starts finding sick and starving stray dogs on the streets of Guanajuato, he finds out he s not the only one who is miserable. But did he find them in time or is it already too late?"

49 pages


(No reviews yet) Write a Review