Arme Anna

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Author: Blaine Ray, adapted to German by Helen Small

Published by: Command Performance Language Institute

ISBN-10:  0929724623

ISBN-13:  978-0929724621

Section: German easy reader books

Arme Anna: Eine Kleine Novelle ganz auf Deutsch - The easiest novel that exists in German—for 1st year students. Anna is a 16 year-old girl from a town in Virginia who leads a tough life. Her mother is always on her. Her family doesn't have much money, but her best friends' families are rich. She's extremely jealous of them. When she gets an opportunity to go to Switzerland, she goes to a small city where she lives with a very nice family that has conflicts similar to the ones in her own family. Her view of her life changes radically. When she gets back home, she sees everything in a different light. Arme Anna is short and easy.


50 pages


(No reviews yet) Write a Review